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China Post is a national Post of China.This section of the site contains information how to track China post parcels. Our tracking service show you where is your China Post parcel or package (from China).

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    To track your parcels from China by number you should typing it in the search form on the official site of China Post or any other international tracking service. You need 13-digit number of the sending China POst. The number of postal items may contain numbers and letters. Parcels number (China Post tracking number) begins with the letter R and ends with CN. The parcel number from China or postage indicated on the receipt.

    China Post. How to track the parcel from China.

    China Post (China Republic) is a national China post. China Post provides delivery services within China and international delivery outside of China. Chinapost has more than 80 thousand post offices and more than 200 sorting centres in China Republic. In China Post working about million employees. Most large centres of sorting China Post are the largest and most important Chinese cities: Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou. The main volume of China's exports pass through the sorting centres and airports in Beijing and Shanghai cities.

    If you have tracking number for your parcel from China, you can track it. To track the parcel from China, use the services provided by China Post official site, and China EMS official site:

    Official website of China post (ChinaPost):

    • Official website of China post in Chinese:
    • Official website of China post in English:
    • Phones China Post: +8610 11185
    • To track the parcel from China:

    EMS China Tracking Post, official site EMS China :

    • Official website of EMS of China post (China Post) in Chinese language:
    • Official website of EMS of China post (China Post), in English language:
    • Tracking postal EMS China official site:
    • Additionally, to track the parcel from China EMC (EMS China) use this website:

    Tracking parcels, packages, mail from Hong Kong (China) and Singapore, the official website of Hong Kong Post & Singapore Post :

    • Hong Kong Post official site (Hongkong Post):
    • Singapore Post Official site:

    After your post sending has left the territory of China (PRC), you can already to track the parcel from China by using national postal official sites, which receives the parcel (for example, U.S Post,UK Post, Russian Post, Australian Post and other world countries). And for EMS - official sites of EMS (EMS US, UK, Russia, Australian).

    China Post (China Post) divides all international shipments to :

    • Parcels (of international postal items over 2 kg)
    • Small packages (of international postal items up to 2 kg)

    Parcels and small packages can be:

    • Register (international postage that can be tracked. EMS China - registered)
    • Not registered (international postage without tracking service)

    All shipments from China have postage number or tracking number. Tracking number (China Post track number) consists of 13 characters. This number show additional information to receiver or sender.

    • tracking Number for registered small packet from China is denoted letter R.
    • tracking Number for parcels from China indicated by the letter C.
    • tracking Number for EMS from China indicated by the letter E.

    Sample numbers (parcels from China)

    RA123456789CN is the number of registered small package from China

    CD123456789CN is the number of the parcel from China

    EE123456789CN is the number of EMS from China

    Main statuses of China Post parcels and packages.

    • Collection, 收寄局收寄 - this means that the parcel or package was received by China Post (Acceptance).
    • Opening - this means that the shipment received at transit point.
    • Dispatching, 出口总包互封封发 - this means that postage is processing, preparation for export (sending outside of China).
    • Departure from outward office of exchange, 出口总包直封封发 - this means that the parcel has passed the China customs and sent for shipment from China (Total export package).

    China Post - Transit statuses.:

    NULL - there is no parcels status in English. However, you can see the status of the parcel,

    • NULL 已收到, PVG this means that the parcel has been received for shipment.
    • NULL 启运, PVG EN shipping the parcel at the airport.

    To find out exactly what the airport has been shipped, look at the code. Each airport has international code. View a list of them on the site of IATA website. The last two letters of the tracking status is a measure was sent to the parcel (country of destination). US - United State, RU - Russia.

    Below is the rubrics for tracking postal items most popular courier services: DHL courier service (DSL), USPS (US Mail), TNT, Pony Express, MEEST Express and others.

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