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Ukrposhta (Ukranian Post) is a state Post of Ukraine. In this section of the site contains information on tracking a parcel Ukrposhta. By using our tracking service you can find your packages, parcels, letters online. Our service will show you where is your parcel, mail sending, letter or package sent by National Ukraine Post (Ukrposta). Also you can find all Ukrposhta branches list on the map. The main issues related to receiving, sending and tracking UkrPost parcels.

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  • Ukrposhta tracking shipment, packages, letters
  • Here you can track the parcel Ukrposhta (Post of Ukraine)

    To produce track your Ukraine parcels by number you can enter it in the search form on the official UkrPost website. You need 13-digit parcel number Ukrposhta for track & trace. The number of postal items may contain letters and numbers (parcel ID). International parcel number (postal shipment identifier) at the first signs contains 2 letters, then 3 to 11 sign - digits and ends 12 and 13 of the mark, consisting of letters indicating country of the sender. For example, UA - post departure from Ukraine RU - post departure from Russia, US - post departure from U.S.. For domestic shipments within Ukraine, Ukrposhta parcel number include only numbers and no letters. The parcel number Ukr Post or postage indicated on the receipt, cash receipt issued to you or the sender when sending parcels.

    Ukrposhta tracking parcel. How to track Ukrposhta.

    in Sample international parcel Post of Ukraine: CA123456789UA

    in Internal parcels Ukrposhta: 0123456789123

    in Official website Ukrposhta tracking (Post Ukraine)

    Also, it is possible to track multiple packages in a list of up to 240 packages:

    Contacts Ukrposhta:

    Ukrainian state enterprise of postal service "Ukrposhta"
    Contact phone Ukrposhta:
    0 800 500 440 (call free from Ukraine)
    eMail Post of Ukraine (Ukrposhta):

    in Department of Ukrposhta located throughout Ukraine. Detailed map with addresses of branches you can be found at:

    Map of the branches Ukrposhta

    On the map of Ukrposhta offices, you can search for offices by zip code, which is very convenient to find your nearest branch Ukr-Mail your place of residence or work.

    in the Search branches Ukrposhta index

    The result will be presented in the form of a list of addresses of branches, offices and mailboxes Ukrposhta:

    Ul. The Cathedral, 59 Vinnitsa Kiev Kiev region vul. Bankova street, 11 street Shelushkova, 75 Zhytomyr
    Ul. Curve Shaft 19 Lutsk Kiev Kiev region vul. Zarechnaya, 4 other Victories, 210 Simferopol
    Ul. Station, 11 Dnepropetrovsk Kiev Kiev region b-R Perov, 38/ street Turgenev, 19 Simferopol
    street of Artem,72 Donetsk Kiev Kiev region vul. Vasilkovsky, 7/ street of Kyiv, 4 Simferopol
    Ul. Vitrue, 1 Zhytomyr Kiev Kiev region Povitroflotskyi, 1 street March 8, 34 Zaporozhye
    pl. Mail, 4 Uzhgorod Kiev Kiev region vul. Masons, 3 so Lenin, 133 Zaporozhye
    other Lenin, 133 Zaporozhye Kiev Kiev region vul. Architects, 5 street Career, 1 Zaporozhye
    street Independence, 6 Ivano-Frankivsk Kiev Kiev region vul. Ungerova, 8 Ul. A. Gorsky, 11 lions
    other P. Tychyna, 6 m Kiev Kiev Kiev region vul. March 8, street Antonovich, 115 And lions
    street Gogol, 72 Kirovograd Kiev Kiev region vul. Tatar, 3 street Archipenko, 1 lions
    St. Alexander Nevsky, 1 m Simferopol Kiev Kiev oblast Ave Liberty, 2 street Shady, 9/11 Odessa

    Statuses Ukrpochta parcels (Post of Ukraine)

    Details of the mailing number, currently not available, as not registered in the system - this means that you may have applied too early and the administration have not yet had time to register. Or, if the shipment coming from abroad to Ukraine, it has not yet arrived in the Ukraine. Once the shipment arrives in Ukraine, you will be able to track your parcel on the website of Ukrposhta.

    In the process - this means that the mail sending is still in the Ukraine. Need some time to process it and send abroad.

    Exit packages - this means that your mail item Ukrposhta left Ukraine and you can track it on the international tracking sites or local track sites (depending on the destination country).

    Departure transferred to the postal office currently not served - this status means that the parcel has been delivered to the post office to the recipient. But at the moment they have not delivered by courier (optional).

    Delivered to the addressee (recipient) personally - this means that the shipment has already been received by the recipient.

    The most popular questions about Ukrainian Post - Tracking parcels Ukrposhta

    Just look at the most popular questions about tracking parcels Ukrposhta (post office).

    What to do if the parcel or package cannot be tracked or the track number does not display the status?

    The first thing you need to do is make sure that the number is correct.

    Then, contact to UkrPost support.

    What documents you need to receive your parcel in Ukraine (Ukrposhta)?

    To receive your parcel you have to show Ukrainian passport, passport, military ID or temporary ID that replaces the passport of Ukraine.

    Can other person get my Ukranian Post parcel (husband, wife, relatives)?

    The recipient may authorize another person to receive it.

    How to redirect Ukranian parcel?

    Ukranian post Parcel (except EMS, EMS) can be forwarded if the recipient relocate temporarily or permanently (accordance with Ukranian Post rates).

    Where can I send money by Ukranian post transaction?

    You can transfer money by Ukranian post in Ukraine and in other countries of the world: in Russia, Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Syria, Belgium, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic , Romania, Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Moldova, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Portugal. You can get translations from France. You can make the transfer in US dollars from Ukraine to Russia. Payment in Russia will be made in rubles at the exchange rate of the US dollar set serving the post of Russia the Bank on the date of receipt of the transfer. In US dollars translations are accepted in Russia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Dushanbe) and Uzbekistan. Euro transfers are accepted in Estonia, Lithuania and Armenia.

    Below is the rubrics for tracking postal items most popular courier services: DHL courier service (DSL), USPS (US Mail), TNT, Pony Express, MEEST Express and others.

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